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IG3 Maths School Subscription
[IG3 Math]
Price: $214.50

The IG3 Math Software takes a totally different approach to traditional educational software. An adaptive assessment pin-points any learning gaps in the students' knowledge, then a customized learning plan is created to build the students' knowledge to the grade level selected and beyond.

TOPICS: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Adding Fractions, Subtracting Fractions, Multiplying Fractions, Dividing Fractions, Percentages, Number Theory, Integers, Decimals, Money, Ratio's, Rates & Scaled Drawings.

**IG3 Maths School Subscription - 1 Year (1 Teacher and 25 Students)

To license 10+ classrooms, please contact IG3 Education.

IG3 Math Brochure
IG3 Math Brochure

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