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IG3 English School Subscription
[IG3 English]
Price: $214.50

The IG3 English Literacy Software uses an Integrated Multi-Dimensional Teaching Assistant (IMTA), a technology that utilizes proprietary intelligent technology algorithms to determine a student's subject knowledge and foundational level understanding. The program provides an individualized learning plan for the student based on their multi-dimensional assessment. No longer will teacher's struggle to keep up with all the varied learning rates of their students.

TOPICS: Compound Words, Words Ending in ING, Vocabulary, Verbs, Tenses, Synonyms, Subject and Predicate, Similes, Sentences, Rhyming Words, Pronouns, Prepositions, Plurals, Phrases, Onomatopoeic Words, Numbers, Negatives and Contractions, Match The Endings, Homonyms, Conjunctions, Comparisons, Colours, Clauses, Calendar, Antonyms, Adverbs, Adjectives, Nouns, Alphabet, Articles, Abbreviations, Syllables and Sounds, Time, Gender, Keyboard Association, Questions, Parenthesis, Semicolons & Colons, Question Marks, Exclamation Marks, Hyphens, Capital Letters & Periods, Commas, Apostrophes, Comprehension.

**IG3 English School Subscription - 1 Year (1 Teacher and 25 Students)

To license 10+ classrooms, please contact IG3 Education.

IG3 English Brochure
IG3 English Brochure

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