Australian Curriculum Aligned

Comprehensive Literacy
Teaching Tool

Platform Independent

Available 24/7

Includes Printable BLM’s (Blackline Masters)

ReadMeTM is a literacy tool that can be effectively used by all teachers.
The idea for ReadMeTM evolved through years of experience, teaching English literacy classes in junior High School.

  • The ReadMeTM programme provides the same stimulations and challenges students have grown to expect.
  • Bringing together advanced teaching techniques and modern technology, the lessons capture students attention and concentration.
  • ReadMeTM offers a comprehensive programme of 27 lessons that cover basic grammar skills, poetry analysis and text types.
  • ReadMeTM suits a wide audience.
    As the lesson content is drawn from subjects across the curriculum, diversity and wide appeal is guaranteed.
  • Students who are reluctant readers do not always engage with lessons presented in the “chalk & talk” manner; ReadMe offers an alternative.

How Does It Work?

ReadMe is platform independent and compatible with all web browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome & Firefox on all devices, i.e. iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Smart Phone, Windows & Mac PC’s and Notebooks.

  • The lessons are accompanied by 131 black line masters (the student workbook), which are fully reproducible and include an answer book.
  • ReadMe presents important content in a fresh challenging fashion that is both interesting and engaging.
  • By simplifying and examining the rules of grammar, poetry, language and genres, the lessons clearly explain how the English language works.
  • Many of the interactive tasks are self-correcting, and are accompanied by compelling sound effects.
  • Learning that is fun is learning that is retained, so some lessons conclude with a game. This enjoyable activity serves to consolidate learning.
  • Now updated to include both Spanish and Chinese translations for activity instructions.
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1. Nouns & Adjectives
2. Verbs & Adverbs
3. Tense
4. Punctuation
5. Plurals & Possessives
6. Contractions
7. Conjunctions & Prepositions
8. Direct & Indirect Speech
9. Syllables

10. Similes & Metaphors
11. Personification
12. Onomatopoeia & Alliteration
13. Synonyms & Antonyms
14. Sequencing
15. Main Idea of a Paragraph
16. Overused Adjectives & Verbs
17. Cause & Effect
18. Fact & Opinion

19. Persuasive Language
20. Overview of Genres
21. Narrative
22. Recount
23. Information Report
24. Procedure
25. Explanation
26. Exposition
27. Discussion