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Tuff-Scope 2   Tuff-Scope 2
  Portable and simple to use, and allows your students to take magnified digital pictures, either attached to or away from a computer. The microscope ca
Talk-Time Photo Albums   Talk-Time Photo Albums
  Combine literacy and ICT with Talk-Time Photo Albums available in A5, A4 and now A3.Talk-Time Photo Albums support speaking and listening especially
Bee-Bot   Bee-Bot
  An award-winning programmable floor robot designed for education! The Bee-Bot's simple and child-friendly layout is a perfect starting point for teach
Easi-Scope 2 Wireless   Easi-Scope 2 Wireless
  Easi-Scope just went wireless! Easy to hold for small hands, Easi-Scope 2 is a fully independent device that is recharged via USB and offers total fle
Easi-Scope   Easi-Scope
  The Easi-Scope is the easiest way to provide digital microscopy in the classroom. This simple plug-and-play device attaches to your computer via USB a
Tuff-Cam 2   Tuff-Cam 2
  The Tuff-Cam 2 is packed with features especially for the classroom. Designed by teachers with education in mind, this easy to use camera allows stude
Easi-Speak Pro Microphone   Easi-Speak Pro Microphone
  MP3 recorder for students aged 9 and upwards. Sleek and stylish design to appeal to older students. Easi-Speak Pro also features a built-in LCD screen
Easi-Speak Sound Station   Easi-Speak Sound Station
  Now the whole class (Pre, K-8) can listen to your recordings made on your Easi-Speak. This great audio device lets you connect via the Easi-Speak head
Easi-Speak Microphone   Easi-Speak Microphone
  Record voices, sounds or music on the move with our new MP3 recorder! Attractively designed as a microphone, Easi-Speak lets students be roving report
Pro-Bot   Pro-Bot
  When children need a bigger challenge than the Bee-Bot, Pro-Bot provides the next step. Ideal for teaching more advanced control techniques.
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 products) Result Pages:  1 
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