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RM Easiteach Next Generation is the latest whiteboard software designed to help you create and deliver motivational and engaging lessons. The tools within Easiteach are rich and powerful but easy to use, removing barriers and allowing you to make the most of your existing hardware. Easiteach can be used with or without interactive whiteboards - allowing for maximum flexibility and leverage of investments in teaching technologies. 

Easiteach has been designed to support all lessons and is useful in any educational setting, regardless of student age or ability. Built-in widgets and multimedia assets in a range of topic areas help fuel ideas and bring lessons to life. You and your students can use Easiteach to create multi-model activities that can include animation, video, sound, text, numbers and hyperlinks all on one page.

Upgrade to the latest version of RM Easiteach Next Generation for PC (version 1.7.0) or Mac (version 1.2.5) Click here

Easiteach Next Generation

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