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An award-winning programmable floor robot designed for education! The Bee-Bot's simple and child-friendly layout is a perfect starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming to young children. Great for young learners

- Robust and small design
- Clear and bright buttons
- Ideal introduction to logic and thinking skills
- Memory of up to 40 steps
- Clear and bright buttons
- No confusing degrees to program
- Sounds and flashing eyes confirm your instructions
- Moves accurately in 15cm steps at a time and turns at 90 degree angles

Ideal for all curriculum areas, Bee-Bot is an open-ended tool suitable for use in all curriculum areas including:

- Literacy for developing speaking and listening skills, storytelling and promoting directional language
- Science for use in experiments, investigations and problem solving
- Geography for investigating environments and locations
- Maths for exploring concepts such as sequencing, counting and estimation.

Bee-Bot can also be used to develop interdisciplinary skills and thinking process such as imagination, inquiry skills and creativity.

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The brochure can also be downloaded directly from the link below:

BeeBot Brochure
BeeBot Brochure

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